Which Planet Is Responsible For Electricity?

Which Graha is responsible for beauty?

Taurus: Their Venus and Moon are good.

They are very beautiful.

You have to take liquid diet to get good nature and beauty.

Gemini: Their Mercury is very good..

Which planet is responsible for hard work?

SaturnSaturn has image of a cruel and hard planet. Saturn signifies more hard work and less reward in one’s life. At the same time it is very important planet of your life cycle.

Which planet is responsible for negative?

According to Vedic astrology, Moon is the planet responsible for mind and its activities. If there are any afflictions to the moon then there will be stress mentally. There are certain combinations of planets which make one depressed. When Saturn conjunct or aspect Moon then it gives negative impact on emotions.

Which planet is responsible for power?

KetuAccording to the Hindu mythology, Ketu is described as having a tail of a serpent and an ovular body. It is the planet of power.

Which planet is responsible for jail?

Rahu is the karaka for being sent to jail. Mahadeva in his Jataka Tattva XI.35-42. states that Papa i.e. malefic, planets situated in the 12th, the 2nd, the 5th and the 12th indicate bandhana i.e. confinement.

Which planet is responsible for intelligence?

MercurySimilarly Mercury is a planet which denotes, intelligence and highly adaptive planet, it gets turned to the qualities to whom it is associated in the chart, likewise if Mercury forms close conjunction with the Rahu or Ketu then total theme of the Mercury gets changed, if it conjuncts with the Sun, Moon, Venus or …

Which planet is responsible for decision making?

Jupiter and Venus rulers take balance decision. Shani rulers take perfect decision. A person cannot take decision when the owner of fifth house is weak.

Which planet causes death?

Any planet can acquire death-inflicting powers but the aspect of a strong Jupiter on the Moon, the Sun, Mars or Saturn neutralises their power to cause an early death.