What Is The Opposite Of Roar?

What is the opposite of Lion?

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What is the antonyms of noisy?

noisy. Antonyms: still, soft, inaudible, whispering, soothing, musical, melodious, harmonious, tuneful, subdued, gentle, noiseless. Synonyms: loud, clamorous, stunning.

How do you spell noisy?

Correct spelling for the English word “noisy” is [nˈɔ͡ɪzi], [nˈɔ‍ɪzi], [n_ˈɔɪ_z_i] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

Do male lions mate with their daughters?

The female can mate with a number of different pride males and the males do likewise, resulting in cubs in the same litter having different fathers.

What is a big stone called?

In geology, a boulder is a rock fragment with size greater than 256 millimetres (10.1 in) in diameter. … In common usage, a boulder is too large for a person to move. Smaller boulders are usually just called rocks (American English) or stones (In British English a rock is larger than a boulder).

What names means king?

Baby Boy Names Meaning King:Rory: The meaning of Rory is ‘red king’. … Reagan: Reagan is an Irish name meaning ‘little king’. … Malik: Malik is an affectionate name originating from the Arabic language. … Leroy: Leroy is one of the most exotic sounding baby boy names meaning king in this list. … Rex: … Rian: … Rey: … Heinrich:More items…•

What is another word for Roar?

Synonyms & Antonyms of roarclamor,howl,hubbub,hue and cry,hullabaloo,noise,outcry,tumult,More items…

Can a female lion beat a male lion?

Physically the lions are bigger and stronger than lionesses. But if you talk about power, then it depends on the context. A lion needs to be strong to maintain a territory, fight with competition and have a pride. But a lioness can be as powerful or even more than a lion, if the need so arises.

What name means stone?

Top Names That Mean StoneMason. Mason has become mega-popular; it hit as high as the Number 2 spot in 2011 and has stayed near the top of the charts since. … Ruby. … Jade. … Gemma. … Dustin. … Axton.

What is the best name for a lion?

Names That Mean “Lion”Kiara (means “lion” in Japanese)Ari (means “lion” in Hebrew)Hari (means “brown, yellow, tawny” in Sanskrit, and by extension “lion”)Leo (derived from Latin Leo meaning “lion”)Leonardo (means “lion” in Russian)Aslanbek (derived from Turkish Aslan meaning “lion”)Asad (means “lion” in Arabic)More items…•

What is the opposite of stone?

The opposite of stone. … The opposite of stone is shelter.”

Are you Nosey?

Nosey definitions. … The definition of nosey is someone who is overly curious and who gets too involved in other people’s business. An example of nosey is a nosey person who reads someone else’s mail because he is curious about what the person received.

What means rowdy?

: coarse or boisterous in behavior : rough also : characterized by such behavior rowdy local bars. rowdy. noun. plural rowdies.

Can a lioness kill a male lion?

Sometimes the lions will kill cubs – usually when they take over new territory from another pride – to stake their claim on the females. Male lions have also been known to get aggressive with females and can kill lionesses who refuse to mate.

What is a small stone called?

A pebble is a clast of rock with a particle size of 4 to 64 millimetres based on the Krumbein phi scale of sedimentology. Pebbles are generally considered larger than granules (2 to 4 millimetres diameter) and smaller than cobbles (64 to 256 millimetres diameter).

What is the female of Lion?

Lions. The head of the family is the pride male. He’s the king of the pride and it’s his job to protect the female lions, called lionesses and their young cubs.

What name means lion?

Baby Boy Names That Mean Lion With MeaningsAriel. The name Ariel is a biblical name with Hebrew origin. … Aryeh. Aryeh is a Biblical name extremely popular in modern Israel. … Aslan. … Abbas. … Ari. … Benroy. … Dhaigham. … Daniel.More items…•

What is a good name for a lion?

Cool Lion NamesLeo.Beau—a French word for handsome.Harley.Apollo.Hunter.King.Zeus.Rebel.More items…