What Does Exuberance Mean?

What does unbridled exuberance mean?

1 : unrestrained unbridled enthusiasm.

2 : not confined by a bridle..

What is another word for joy?

What is another word for joy?happinessdelightecstasyfelicityelationenjoymenteuphoriagleecheerfulnessexhilaration229 more rows

What is the meaning of luxuriant?

abundant or lush in growth, as vegetation. producing abundantly, as soil; fertile; fruitful; productive: to settle in luxuriant country.

What is a adjective for good?

Good is an adjective. It modifies a noun. Well is an adverb. … Well may be used as an adjective to indicate good health or satisfactory conditions.

What does over exuberant mean?

lavish or effusive; excessively elaborateexuberant compliments. growing luxuriantly or in profusion.

Is Exuberant a negative word?

Negative qualities​ Exuberant is an adjective which refers to a person’s quality of high spiritedness or energetic nature.

What does trepidation mean?

fear, dread, fright, alarm, panic, terror, trepidation mean painful agitation in the presence or anticipation of danger. fear is the most general term and implies anxiety and usually loss of courage.

What is a synonym for exuberant?

Some common synonyms of exuberant are lavish, lush, luxuriant, prodigal, and profuse. While all these words mean “giving or given out in great abundance,” exuberant implies marked vitality or vigor in what produces abundantly. an exuberant imagination.

What is a flamboyant person?

1.(of a person or their behavior) tending to attract attention because of their exuberance, confidence, and stylishness.”a flamboyant display of aerobatics”synonyms:exuberant , confident , lively ,animated , vibrant , vivacious “her flamboyant personality”

What is an exuberant personality?

1a : joyously unrestrained and enthusiastic exuberant praise an exuberant personality. b : unrestrained or elaborate especially in style : flamboyant exuberant architecture. 2 : produced in extreme abundance : plentiful exuberant foliage and vegetation.

Whats the meaning of exuberance?

a sense of youthfulmass noun. 1The quality of being full of energy, excitement, and cheerfulness; ebullience. ‘a sense of youthful exuberance’

How do you use exuberance in a sentence?

Exuberance sentence examplesDean smiled at Fred’s exuberance but didn’t contradict him. … Tal., on the other hand, is diffuse and freer in its composition, and it is characterized by the exuberance of Halakah, which is usually rather subtle and far-fetched. … What she possessed in exuberance, she lacked in coordination, though.More items…