What All Can We Eat During Navratri Fast?

Can we eat dairy milk in Navratri fast?

Dairy products: Dairy products like milk, paneer, cheese, yoghurt, butter, malai, cream can be consumed.

Try and keep the quantity of cream and butter less in your food if you are trying to lose weight.

You can try variations of kadhi with milk or yoghurt with fruits to bring variety to your nine-day diet..

What can a Hindu eat while fasting?

l While fasting during the month of Shravan, include fruits and milk/buttermilk in your diet and end the day with a regular meal — two or three phulkas with dal, vegetables and yoghurt or sabudana khichdi. l Sabudana pooris, vadas and kheer are high in calories.

Is chocolate allowed in fast?

No, you can’t eat chocolate during a fast, you can’t EAT during a fast. Depending on a fasting diet you may choose to only exclude some foods. There is a chance you could eat chocolate, if, for example, you were fasting from fried foods.

Can I eat a banana while fasting?

Try balancing each meal with a good variety of healthy whole foods, such as: Fruits: Apples, bananas, berries, oranges, peaches, pears, etc.

What all can you eat during Navratri fasting?

If you fast during the entire duration of Navratri, make sure you are feeding yourself healthy food items. Eat fruits, makhana, kuttu dosa, samak rice and baked potatoes. Avoid deep fried snacks or sugar loaded sweets, as such food items will only add to your waistline and provide no health benefit.

What things can be eaten in fast?

Here’s a reminder of all the food items you can still eat when fasting.Amaranth Grains and Flour. You can make a light khidchi using amaranth grains if you are eating one meal in the day. … Raw Banana. … Coconut and Coconut Milk Preparations. … Milk and Milk Products. … Dry Fruits, Seeds and Nuts.

What we should not eat in Navratri?

03/11​Eating non-veg foods For the period of nine days, non-vegetarian foods should also be avoided. Besides, having garlic, onion and alcohol are also not considered good during Navratri.

How can I follow Navratri fast?

It is often use to prepare papads, kheer or vadas.Navratri Vrat Rules: Avoid consume grains like wheat and rice if you are observing fast.Navratri Vrat Rules: Have as many fruits as you want to during Navratri.Navratri Vrat Rules: Refrain from using the table salt and use rock salt or Sendha Namak.More items…

Can we drink Coke in Navratri fast?

Foods to avoid during Navratri Also, avoid all vegetables except the ones mentioned above,and spices like turmeric, coriander powder, rye and garam masala. Avoid drinking tea, coffee and aerated drinks during Navratri fasting, as they are very dehydrating and affect digestion.

Can we eat chocolate at night?

Not only does chocolate have calories and sugar, but it also has caffeine, which may contribute to restless sleep. Chocolate isn’t a filling snack either, so if you’re craving it, you may not necessarily be hungry. Rather, your sweet tooth may be getting to best of you.