Quick Answer: Why Is Navratri Fast Kept?

Can we smoke in Navratri?

During fasting, people avoid drinking alcohol, smoking and consuming meat.

They adopt a clean and light satvik diet.

If you are observing the fast for the first time, this list could prove as a good guide to fruits, vegetables, grains and spices that you can or cannot have while observing Navratri vrat..

Can you get married during Navratri?

It is forbidden to marry in Navratri – Actually, Navratri is considered a festival of purity and worship of the Goddess. At the same time, in these nine days we worship 9 forms of Goddess and during this time fasts are kept for physical and mental purity.

Can we drink tea in Navratri fast?

02/10Stay hydrated Plus since there is a lot of restrictions on what you can drink during these fasting days, hydrating drinks such as coconut water, milk and fruit juices can take care of your nutrition. Do not consume drinks like coffee and tea in excess which can dehydrate you.

How can we keep Navratri fast?

It is often use to prepare papads, kheer or vadas.Navratri Vrat Rules: Avoid consume grains like wheat and rice if you are observing fast.Navratri Vrat Rules: Have as many fruits as you want to during Navratri.Navratri Vrat Rules: Refrain from using the table salt and use rock salt or Sendha Namak.More items…

Can we sleep during Navratri fasting?

During any fasting season, the body is undergoing detox and it needs plenty of rest. Hence, make sure you sleep for 7-8 hours every day. Try to relax and go for some mindful meditative exercise to completely detoxify your body.

Can we drink coffee in Navratri fast?

Like for example, during Navratri fasts, a lot of people do drink tea and coffee but avoid any packaged beverage from the market. Whereas some people only rely on water to quench their thirst during those nine days.

What should not do during Navratri?

Consumption of onion, garlic and other Tamasic (heat-generating) foods must be strictly avoided. Do not have meat or consume alcohol/tobacco. Do not cut your hair, nails during this period. Men must not shave or trim their beard during Navratri.

Why do we keep Navratri fast?

People fast for nine days and refrain from eating daily food items like rice and Indian bread. Fasting during Navratri is an ideal way to detox the body, enhance digestion and increase positivity.

Can we drink milk in Navratri fast?

Staying hydrated when you fast is extremely important. Water, low-fat milk, and vegetable and fruit juices are some of the ways to stay hydrated and maintain an adequate level of body fluids and salt.

Can we use lemon in Navratri fast?

Vegetables like potato, sweet potato, bottle gourd, and cucumber are allowed. Pumpkin, lemon, raw banana, ginger, tomato, carrot, and colocassia also come under the category of falahari saatvik vegetables. All fruits can be eaten. Cut them and consume as fruit salad or add them in milkshakes or make their juice.

Can we wash hair during Navratri?

Devotees who are observing fast should avoid getting a haircut or do a shave during Navratri. In addition to avoiding haircut and shaving, devotees should make sure that they do not cut their nails during these 9 days.

Can we use Haldi in Navratri fast?

Whether fasting for Navratri or any other occasion, people are only allowed to have a handful of grains and spices along with fruits and dairy products. And one of the spices that people generally refrain from eating during this fasting period is turmeric (haldi).

Why we do not eat onion in Navratri?

Onion and garlic are considered to be taamsic in nature and are said to invoke carnal energy in the body. Onions also produce heat in the body and thus are not allowed during the Navratri fast. Garlic along with onion is known as Rajogini, which means a substance that can make one lose grip over their instincts.

What can be eaten during Navratri fast?

Food items you can eat during Navratri FastingSinghade ka Atta, Kuttu ka Atta, Rajgira, Sama ka Atta, Sama ke chawal, Sabudana, Phool makhana, etc. … You can eat all kinds of nuts and seeds.Spices like rock salt, black pepper, cardamom, cumin powder can be used.More items…•