Quick Answer: What Is The Antonym For Compromise?

Why is compromising important?

In order for people to work together when they disagree, they might have to compromise.

This means each person has to give up part of what he wants so her together can avoid conflict, accomplish things together and both feel satisfied..

Is love a compromise?

Love is about compromise and acceptance — it’s the only way love can truly be unconditional. We’re all humans that will make mistakes and bad decisions, whether we mean to or not. Life just has too many variables to be right all the time.

What is a synonym of compromise?

SYNONYMS. agreement, understanding, settlement, terms, accommodation. deal, trade-off, bargain. halfway house, middle ground, middle course, happy medium, balance.

What is the antonym for properly?

Antonyms of PROPERLY inopportunely, irrelevantly, unsatisfactorily, unfortunately, incongruously, unacceptably, ungracefully, unseemly, unseasonably, awkwardly, inappositely.

What’s another word for feasibility?

What is another word for feasibility?possibilityviabilitylikelihoodpracticalitysuitabilityuseutilityvaluechanceconceivability80 more rows

How do you use the word compromise?

Compromise sentence examplesShe had to compromise between herself and her partner. … No, there could be no compromise on that subject. … Do not compromise that confidentiality. … They compromise him and throw on him the responsibility for all that happens.More items…

What is compromise meaning in Tagalog?

The English word “compromise” can be translated as the following words in Tagalog: Best translations for the English word compromise in Tagalog: magkasundô [verb] to patch up one’s differences; to compromise; to reconcile; to agree; to get along 4 Example Sentences Available » more…

What is the opposite of compromise?

compromise(v) Antonyms: aggravate, excite, foster, perpetuate, exempt, enfranchise, disengage, extricate, exonerate. Synonyms: arbitrate, adjust, compose, settle, endanger, implicate, involve.

What is the antonym for remedy?

What is the opposite of remedy?aggravateblockexacerbateharmhinderhurtignoreincreaseinjureintensify40 more rows

What is another name for fix?

What is another word for fix?mendrepairrestoreoverhaulreconditionserviceadjustrehabilitaterenovaterebuild198 more rows

What is compromise in a relationship?

Compromise is commonly understood as giving up something in order to reach a place of understanding with your partner. No two people are the same. At some point in your relationship you and your partner will have a different approach, opinion or wish.

What is another word for properly?

What is another word for properly?correctlyappropriatelyadequatelydulylegitimatelyrightaccuratelyaptlynicelyreasonably230 more rows

What’s another word for correctly?

What is another word for correctly?fittinglyproperlyappropriatelysuitablydecentlydecorouslyappositelycongruouslydulyhappily65 more rows

Is compromise a good thing?

The real problem with compromise is that it has come to be known as this great concept, in relationships and politics and everything else. Compromise, we are told quite simply, is a sacred moral good. Think back to the ransom demand: Fair is no ransom, and what the nephew wants is to pay nothing.

What’s the meaning of compromising?

1a : to come to agreement by mutual concession The two sides were unwilling to compromise. The union and employer agreed to compromise. b : to find or follow a way between extremes. 2 : to make a shameful or disreputable concession wouldn’t compromise with their principles. transitive verb.

What does it mean to remedy a situation?

If you remedy something that is wrong or harmful, you correct it or improve it. A great deal has been done internally to remedy the situation. Synonyms: put right, redress, rectify, reform More Synonyms of remedy.

What does it mean to compromise yourself?

Compromising with yourself simply means not doing what you want to do just because that’s not what someone else/society/system wants. … Just don’t compromise with yourself. Don’t let your best friend down. Your best friend is YOU. Do what you want to.

What is a synonym for properly?

properly, decently, decent, in good order, right, the right way(adverb) in the right manner. “please do your job properly!”; “can’t you carry me decent?” Synonyms: in good order, the right way, by rights, powerful, decently, justly, flop, right on, mightily, right, correctly, mighty, aright, decent.

What is the root word of compromise?

A compromise is a way of settling differences by everybody making concessions. … Compromise comes from the Latin compromissum, which means “mutual promise.” It can be a noun or a verb.

When should you not compromise?

10 Things You Should Never Compromise on in a RelationshipSelf-worth. Don’t allow your partner to make you feel bad about yourself. … Personal beliefs. Your beliefs should never be questioned. … Dreams and goals. Your partner should always support your dreams. … Family. … Time alone. … Close friendships. … Respect. … Your deal breakers.More items…•

Is compromise a sign of weakness?

Compromise is usually a sign of weakness, or an admission of defeat. Strong men don’t compromise, it is said, and principles should never be compromised.