Quick Answer: How Can I Follow Navratri Fast?

Can we eat banana in Navratri fast?


Vegetables: There is a very limited variety you can consume during this time.

Arbi, jimikand, sweet potatoes, raw bananas, bottle gourd and pumpkin are the vegetables which are allowed during Navratri..

Can you eat cucumber in Navratri fast?

Potatoes, sweet potato, tomato, bottle gourd or lauki, arbi, kachalu, suran or yam, lemons, raw or semi-ripe pumpkin and raw pumpkin, spinach, tomatoes, bottle gourd, cucumber and carrots are often considered as vrat favourites and are consumed in huge numbers.

What can you not do while fasting?

Fasting means no food or drink and also abstaining from bad habits and sins such as smoking, swearing, gossipping, arguing, fighting or being disrespectful, cruel or selfish. Sexual relations are also banned during the hours of fasting.

How can we keep Navratri fast?

If you are fasting during Navratri, you need to refrain yourself from having regular table salt. Also, prepare your Vrat food only in ghee or peanut oil. Eating Tamasic food items during Navratri is not allowed. This means, you cannot have garlic and onion.

What we can eat during Navratri fast?

Here are 10 food items to eat if you’re fasting for Navratri:Kuttu Atta. Kuttu atta, or buckwheat flour, is packed with high fiber that helps in detoxification of the body. … Sabudana. … Samak Chawal. … Rajgira. … Singhara Atta. … Makhana. … Legumes and pulses. … DryFruits.More items…•

What should be avoided during Navratri?

6 things you should AVOID doing during NavratriCut your hair/nails. While no one knows whether this has been scientifically proven or not, many traditional families still follow this ritual of not cutting your hair and nails during these nine auspicious days.Telling lies or using foul language. … Eating Non-veg/eggs. … Consuming alcohol. … Onions and Garlic. … Having sex.

Is coffee allowed in Navratri fast?

Shalini Nandwani, a Delhi resident who has been keeping the Navratri fasts since 20 years says, “In our family, coffee and tea are both allowed during Navratri fasting, as well as other beverages like chaas and fresh fruit juices. Packaged or processed beverages are usually avoided.”

Can we use lemon in Navratri fast?

Vegetables like potato, sweet potato, bottle gourd, and cucumber are allowed. Pumpkin, lemon, raw banana, ginger, tomato, carrot, and colocassia also come under the category of falahari saatvik vegetables. All fruits can be eaten. Cut them and consume as fruit salad or add them in milkshakes or make their juice.

Can we sleep during Navratri fasting?

During any fasting season, the body is undergoing detox and it needs plenty of rest. Hence, make sure you sleep for 7-8 hours every day. Try to relax and go for some mindful meditative exercise to completely detoxify your body.

Can we wash hair during Navratri?

Devotees who are observing fast should avoid getting a haircut or do a shave during Navratri. In addition to avoiding haircut and shaving, devotees should make sure that they do not cut their nails during these 9 days.

Can we drink Coke in Navratri fast?

Foods to avoid during Navratri Also, avoid all vegetables except the ones mentioned above,and spices like turmeric, coriander powder, rye and garam masala. Avoid drinking tea, coffee and aerated drinks during Navratri fasting, as they are very dehydrating and affect digestion.

Can I eat a banana while fasting?

Filling up on nutrient-rich foods can help round out your diet and allow you to reap the rewards that this regimen has to offer. Try balancing each meal with a good variety of healthy whole foods, such as: Fruits: Apples, bananas, berries, oranges, peaches, pears, etc.