Quick Answer: Does Mercury In Retrograde Affect Relationships?

Why does retrograde affect us?

Mercury is known as the planet that rules all communication, B.C.-based astrologist Georgia Nicols explains.

This means that when Mercury appears retrograde, people may experience communication issues, problems with technology, or even things like lost mail..

How does Mercury in retrograde make you feel?

Mercury Retrograde is a three-week astrological cycle in which the energies associated with Mercury, namely communication and the mind, tend to create an atmosphere that can feel rather slow, heavy, or even stormy and negative.

Is there a retrograde right now 2020?

In 2020, Mercury will be in apparent retrograde motion during the following ranges of dates: February 17 to March 10. June 18 to July 12. October 14 to November 3.

Do breakups during Mercury retrograde last?

“Sometimes [ending a relationship during Mercury Rx] means the break is permanent. Other times it means both parties wobble back and forth,” explains Stardust. “The one thing that is common is that the conversation regarding the breakup won’t be over so fast.

Is Mercury retrograde a good time to start a relationship?

But that said, if you’re feeling more inclined to go inward, reflect, and spend some time solo, don’t be afraid to take a brief chill pill from the dating scene. Taking time for self-work is good, too — and Mercury retrograde is a wonderful time for it.

Does Mercury in retrograde affect emotions?

“When Mercury goes retrograde, challenges with thinking and communicating in a linear or direct way and delays with traveling and commuting can come up,” she says. … This can cause “frustration, stress and impatience within us.”

What should you not do during Mercury retrograde?

Here are a few things you should avoid doing during Mercury retrograde, along with some things you definitely should do:Take A Closer Look At Your Finances. … But Don’t Make Any Big Investments. … Let Go Of Old Grudges. … Get In Touch With People From The Past. … Don’t Sign Any Contracts. … Give Yourself More Time To Get Anywhere.More items…•

Should I apply for a job during Mercury retrograde?

It’s Not The Best Time To Apply For A New Job In case it’s not clear at this point, it’s not the best idea to go job-hunting during Mercury retrograde. This is the perfect time to plot your next career move, work on new skills, or rewrite your resume, but don’t go on a big application spree right now.

Why is Mercury retrograde bad?

Mercury retrograde definitely gets a bad rap. Sure, the messenger planet backtracking through the sky can cause communication to go haywire, words to be misconstrued, and travel plans to be upended. But its effects aren’t as intense as many of us tend to make them out to be.

Does Mercury make you go crazy?

Acute mercury exposure has given rise to psychotic reactions such as delirium, hallucinations, and suicidal tendency. Occupational exposure has resulted in erethism, with irritability, excitability, excessive shyness, and insomnia as the principal features of a broad-ranging functional disturbance.

Should I contact my ex during Mercury retrograde?

“Wait until the retrograde is over and your texts won’t feel so hot-headed.” Virgos may feel a little off-balance over the next few weeks as their ruling planet, Mercury, moves backwards. … If they still feel like connecting with any exes post-retrograde, they should go for it.

Can you manifest during Mercury retrograde?

Manifesting in Mercury Retrograde doesn’t have to be as scary as it sounds… This retrograde period gives us time and space to really examine our motivations, beliefs and goals. It’s the perfect time to dig deep, focus on yourself, and consider ways that you want to improve your life and realign with your true desires.

What sign is Mercury retrograde in 2020?

ScorpioNext Week’s New Moon Is Going To Be A Spooky One The upcoming Mercury retrograde period spends most of its journey in the deep and mysterious water sign of Scorpio, which has the potential to heighten our emotional defensiveness and put a sharp edge on the way we communicate.

What happens to your body when Mercury is in retrograde?

How it’s affecting your energy levels. … October 2020’s Mercury retrograde will either sap you of your usual zest and leave you feeling lethargic, or fill you with chaotic, scattered energy that might have you feeling restless, unfocused and anxious.

Does Mercury retrograde really affect us?

Of course, actual scientists point out that any “retrograde” motion by Mercury is an optical illusion. And they vigorously dispute the core belief of astrology, that the motion of the planets can influence events here on Earth. In fact, studies have shown no correlation between the behavior of planets and of people.

Can Mercury retrograde make you tired?

Due to the fact that Mercury in Retrograde can yield many more strong emotions and restlessness, they impact your sleep in a pretty big way and cause you to be much more tired during the daytime. And don’t rule out stress and anxiety because those feelings can get stronger, too.

What should you not buy during Mercury retrograde?

5 Things To Buy During Mercury Retrograde ?Because of the whole reversal in orbit, things from your past comes up. … Delays delays delays. … Signing contracts and agreements are a no-no. … Not a great time to start or launch new projects. … Don’t buy any electronics or big ticket purchases.

Should I buy a new phone during Mercury retrograde?

If you need to buy a phone, computer, car or any sort of technology, do it before the retrograde starts. Mercury rules electronics so technology bought during this time is likely to be faulty, glitchy or break down. … If you work around computers, make sure you back up anything important during Mercury Retrograde.

What should I do during Mercury retrograde?

8 Tips for Surviving and Thriving During Mercury RetrogradeSurrender to the Slowdowns. … Clean Out Your Closets. … Finish Projects. … Reach Out to People You Haven’t Seen But Are Thinking of. … Don’t Sign Contracts or Break Up With Your Partner. … Triple-Check All of Your Emails and Text Messages. … Be Extra Gentle With Yourself and Your Loved Ones—Basically Everyone.

Is it OK to start a new job while Mercury retrograde?

Well yes, you probably should start a new job on Mercury retrograde. … While there is no question that it is best not to take major actions or make major decisions during Mercury’s shadow period or its retrograde period, sometimes it is not practical to wait until Mercury resumes forward motion.