Question: Which Is The Opposite Of Accidentally?

What is the opposite of already?

Antonyms of ALREADY behind, after, not yet, subsequently, later, next, afterward..

What’s another word for accidentally?

What is another word for accidentally?unintentionallyunexpectedlyinadvertentlyunconsciouslyadventitiouslyby mistakecasuallyincidentallyby accidentby chance79 more rows

What is another word for gained?

Gained Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for gained?foundachievedmade a purchase ofdrummed upsigned forgot atpulledgobbled uprecoveredswang92 more rows

What does fortuitously mean?

adjective. happening or produced by chance; accidental: a fortuitous encounter. lucky; fortunate: a series of fortuitous events that advanced her career.

What is the opposite of rude?

Word. Antonym. Rude. Polite, Courteous. Get definition and list of more Antonym and Synonym in English Grammar.

Is Mistakenly a word?

adverb incorrectly, wrongly, falsely, by mistake, inappropriately, erroneously, in error, inaccurately, misguidedly, fallaciously They mistakenly believed the licences they held were sufficient.

What is the opposite word of accidentally?

accidentally(adv) Antonyms: intentionally, advisedly, deliberately. Synonyms: unintentionally, casually, fortuitously.

What is the opposite of dangerously?

(benignly) Opposite of adverb for able or likely to cause harm or injury. benignly. harmlessly.

What is the opposite of gained?

What is the opposite of gained?surrenderedabandonedrejectedrelinquishedrenouncedstoppedmissedlostspentfell short10 more rows

What is the opposite of advanced?

(primitive) Opposite of being advanced in development. primitive. backward. underdeveloped. undeveloped.

What is the opposite of empty?

copious, sufficient, replete, complete, satisfied, entire, full, fruitful, sated, filled, productive, effective, abundant.

What gained means?

gained; gaining; gains. Definition of gain (Entry 2 of 2) transitive verb. 1a : to acquire or get possession of usually by industry, merit, or craft gain an advantage he stood to gain a fortune. b : to win in competition or conflict the troops gained enemy territory.

What is opposite of dangerous?

hazardous, troubling: kind, healthy, strong, wholesome, healthful, guarded, careful, great, happy, agreeable, true, trivial, honest, harmless, safe, wonderful, pleasant, unhazardous, unimportant, untroubled, ok, good, pleasing, secure, certain, stable, sure, nice.

What is the opposite of humble?

Opposite of having or showing a modest or low estimate of one’s importance. pompous. arrogant. conceited. proud.

What is subconsciously mean?

adjective. existing or operating in the mind beneath or beyond consciousness: the subconscious self. Compare preconscious, unconscious. imperfectly or not wholly conscious: subconscious motivations.