Question: What Is The Full Form Of Anu?

Is Anu a word?

No, anu is not in the scrabble dictionary..

Who was Anu?

Anu, (Akkadian), Sumerian An, Mesopotamian sky god and a member of the triad of deities completed by Enlil and Ea (Enki). Like most sky gods, Anu, although theoretically the highest god, played only a small role in the mythology, hymns, and cults of Mesopotamia.

Is Anu Scrabble word?

ANU is not a valid scrabble word.

What does NDS mean in Snapchat?

Nintendo DS”Nintendo DS” is the most common definition for NDS on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. NDS. Definition: Nintendo DS.

What does wit mean in texting?

Whatever It TakesWIT — Whatever It Takes. WIT — What Is That? WIT — What Is There.

What is the full meaning of NDS?

Non-Deliverable SoftwareNDS. Non-Deliverable Software. NDS. Nintendo Developer’s System (game system; less common)

What is the full form of no?

#, No. or no (plural: Nos or nos) is a sign or symbol for Number. Number is originated from the Latin word Numero. The abbreviation No. comes from “Numero”

How do you spell Anu?

Correct spelling for the English word “anu” is [ˈɑːnuː], [ˈɑːnuː], [ˈɑː_n_uː] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

What does the abbreviation ND stand for?

no dateIn an APA reference or citation, n.d. stands for “no date.” You use n.d. when you cannot find a publication date on the source you are trying to reference and cite; it stands in for the year that is normally in the date position.

What is the meaning of name Anu?

Anu is a real name. It’s short for “Anurag” meaning “love”. Also, Anu is a word from Sanskrit, the classical literary language of India. In Sanskrit Anu has many meanings including atom and molecule, and as a prefix it denotes after, together, similar, every, each, etc.

Is Anu male or female name?

This name is used both as a female and a male name. See Anu f for the female version.