Question: What Does Retort Mean?

What does woodenly mean?

• WOODENLY (adverb) Meaning: Without grace; rigidly.

Synonyms: gracelessly; ungracefully; ungraciously; woodenly..

Are retort pouches recyclable?

Our packaging is called a retort pouch. This technology allows us to assemble and cook the ingredients within the package. Therefore the product becomes shelf stable for 18 months+. The components that make up the retort technology are not currently recyclable.

How are retort pouches made?

3 Retort packaging. The term ‘retort pouch’ is used to describe a flexible or semi-rigid package made from heat-resistant laminated plastic, into which food products are placed, sealed and sterilized at temperatures up to 121°C. The resulting product is then sterile and shelf-stable.

How do you use retort in a sentence?

She tried to think of a retort, but couldn’t. She opened her mouth to retort but stopped. The retorts are charged with molten sulphur from an upper reservoir, which is kept at the requisite temperature by means of the lost heat of the retort fires.

What is retort in food processing?

What is a Retort? Sometimes also called an Autoclave or Sterilizer, a Retort is a pressure vessel used in the food manufacturing industry to “commercially sterilize” food after it has been placed into its container and the container has been hermetically sealed. More on commercial sterilization later.

What is respond mean?

to reply or answer in words: to respond briefly to a question. to make a return by some action as if in answer: to respond generously to a charity drive. to react favorably. Physiology. to exhibit some action or effect as if in answer; react: Nerves respond to a stimulus. to correspond (usually followed by to).

What part of speech is retort?

retort 1part of speech:transitive verbrelated words:object, snappart of speech:intransitive verbinflections:retorts, retorting, retorteddefinition 1:to make a sharp answer. He always retorts with insults. synonyms: rejoin, riposte similar words: answer, rebut, reciprocate, reply, respond, retaliate12 more rows

What’s another word for retort?

Some common synonyms of retort are answer, rejoinder, reply, and response.

What is a counter?

The definition of counter is someone or something the opposite of another. … A counter is defined as a person or thing that counts or keeps score, or a long flat work space. An example of a counter is an abacus.

What is retort sterilization?

Retort means any closed vessel or other equipment used for the thermal processing of foods. Typically the sterilization temperatures vary from 110 to 135°C.

What is the meaning of retort in English?

retort. noun (1) Definition of retort (Entry 2 of 4) : a quick, witty, or cutting reply especially : one that turns back or counters the first speaker’s words.

What is an antonym for retort?

retort(n) Antonyms: concession, confession, acquiescence, acceptance. Synonyms: rejoinder, replicable, repartee, reciprocation, retaliation, reply, answer.

What is a retort used for?

Retort, vessel used for distillation of substances that are placed inside and subjected to heat. The simple form of retort, used in some laboratories, is a glass or metal bulb having a long, curved spout through which the distillate may pass to enter a receiving vessel.