Question: What Does Opposition Mean In Astrology?

What does no opposition mean?

Opposition is something that goes against or disagrees with something or someone else.

Just about any political view has opposition.

Chances are you know the word opposite: this means something similar.

The opposition to something goes in the opposite direction..

What opposition means?

the act of opposing or the state of being opposed. hostility, unfriendliness, or antagonism. a person or group antagonistic or opposite in aims to another. the opposition a political party or group opposed to the ruling party or government.

What does square mean in astrology?

List of planetary aspects in a square. Check your Natal Chart for Squares! A square is an aspect that reveals the tension, obstacles and challenges in your Life that reflect the planets involved. A square is a 90° angle (8° orb or less) between two planets.

What does conjunction mean in astrology?

A conjunction (abrv. Con) is an angle of approximately 0–⁠10°. An orb of approximately 10° is usually considered a conjunction, but if neither the Sun nor Moon is involved, some consider the conjunction to have a maximum orb of only about 8°.

What does Quincunx mean in astrology?

A quincunx is a 150° angle (8° “orb” or less). In medical astrology, the orb is said to be (2° to 5° degrees) and is considered the most important aspect in the chart. The quincunx glyph looks like a semisextile that is upside down. A quincunx is often described as ‘being between a rock and a hard place.

What does strong opposition mean?

1. uncountable noun. Opposition is strong, angry, or violent disagreement and disapproval. There is bitter opposition from local business to the plan. Synonyms: hostility, resistance, resentment, disapproval More Synonyms of opposition.