How Can I Predict My Life Partner?

Which planet causes delay in marriage?

Venus is the planet of love and relationship.

If Venus conjunct with malefic planets like Saturn, Sun and Ketu or Saturn aspects Venus they damage the energy of Venus and can delay in marriage.

Venus combust, debilitated and retrograde makes it difficult for a person to take decision which causes delay in marriage..

How can I know my life partner in Kundli?

What will my future husband or wife look like according to astrologyCheck the planets in the 7th house of your Chart. … Check the Sign of the 7th house and understand the Look as per the Sign of the 7th house.Check the Sign where the 7th Lord is placed. … Check the Nakshatra of the 7th Lord and Understand the Looks.

How can I predict my horoscope from my spouse?

If Mercury aspects the 7th lord or positioned in the 7th household, chronilogical age of partner shall be less and younger partner may be predicted. According to Jaimini astrology, If Saturn is placed when you look at the 7th home from Atmakaraka Planet, an senior spouse could be predicted.

Which planet is responsible for good husband?

Love, marriage and romance are governed by Planet Venus. This is a planet which is responsible for the success or failure in your love life. Venus governs marital prospects of men, and women’s prospects are governed by Mars and Jupiter. Sun is another planet which plays an important part in the female’s chart.

Will I get a rich husband astrology?

If the 7th Lord Navamsa is in own sign or it is exalted, it can also give you rich spouse. If a strong Sun is also posited in 7th house or in Upapada Lagna(UL), it also indicates a rich spouse in astrology. … If the Upapada Lagna Lord is exalted, that is also an indicative of Rich spouse in Astrology.

How can I know my future partner?

The most common way to meet a future partner is through mutual friends. Spend time with friends, and ask your friends to introduce you to people they think you’ll like. The second is in social spaces. This can include everything from bars, to concerts, poetry readings, and gallery openings, to church gatherings.

How can I predict my marriage time?

Principles in Vedic astrology for Marriage Time PredictionThe 7th Lord from Lagna or Moon Can give Marriage in its Period.The Dispositor of 7th Lord can give marriage during its Time.Planets Placed or occupied in 7th house from Ascendant or Moon or Navamsa Lagna can also give marriage in its period.More items…•

What if 7th house is empty?

An empty 7th house is called as suddha jatakam at this south part of indicates less complications in the characterestics of the minimises ill effects as any planet in the 7th house directly aspects. the ascendent. if a benefic is placed in 7th house o.k and even then the aspecting.

How can I find my partner?

6 Ways to Find The Right PartnerAvoid Mr. and Mrs. … Find Someone You Can Talk To. Being able to talk with your partner about important topics is probably worth more than physical beauty, money or power. … Avoid Deal Breakers. You might want a family and they are adamantly against it. … Find Someone Who Makes You Laugh. … Opposites Attract. … Don’t Rush.

Which planet is responsible for marriage?

VenusThe planet that facilitates marriage is Venus. In everyone’s horoscope, the list of auspicious planets include Jupiter (Guru), Venus (Shukra), Mercury (Budh) and Moon. The list of inauspicious planets include Sun,Saturn (Shani), Mars (Mangal), Rahu and Ketu.

Can birth chart really predict marriage?

Chances are, people who really do want marriage want it because it’s already part of their chart. The same goes for people who prefer to be single. While astrology can tell you when certain things are more likely to happen, it really isn’t made to predict the future.

Can Kundli predict marriage?

The natal chart predicts whether a person is destined to marry or not. While some astrological combinations promise marriage, a few others deny it. There are also planetary positions that delay marriage. As for men, the 7th house, its lord and Venus predict the time and nature of marriage.

Can we predict your life partner?

With the help of Astrology, an astrologer can give prediction of your Future Life Partner from one natal chart. Astrologer can also give prediction when native will get married. … Astrologer can predict about physical appearance of Future Life Partner also.

How can you tell the future of someone?

How To Know My Future: Most Certain Ways To Predict Your FutureNumerology. Source = Speakingtree. It is the scientific study of numbers. … Palmistry. Source = Speakingtree. Palm lines are actually a complete image of your life’s journey. … Vedic Astrology. Source = Speakingtree. If you have ever questioned yourself ‘How to know my future’? … Western Astrology. Source = Vedicastrocenter.

How can I find my life partner online?

Here is how you can start searching for your life partner online.Choose a matrimonial website, according to your preference. … Check the FAQ section and understand how the website works. … Register yourself if everything suits you.Profiles with photos attract more people and receive better responses.More items…•